27 Crazy Etsy MONEY Niches + Keyword Hack For Selling Digital Downloads!

Thinking of setting up an shop? Or maybe you need a few ideas of what to sell in your store? You’re not alone. 

In this video Marcus Campbell shows you some killer Etsy traffic hacks for downloadable niches. He shows you how to in a simple way using methods most people haven’t thought of.

Watch this entire video at least one time all the way through so you get to see all three keyword hacks he recommends you use.

’ll be honest and say I never thought of using these simple methods like this. The printable niches he found really surprised me too. Things like resume templates, wedding planners, printables for kids, excel templates, and lots more. 

So if you’re looking to start a business this can be a good place to begin.

Heck, there’s lots of people looking for astrology, horoscopes, lucky numbers and tarot cards too. Those are pretty big niches and lots of money can be made with the right products. 

And if you like those things too, check out this page on my blog for a free horoscope reading and your lucky numbers. Or if you’re looking for FREE printable pages go here for some hard to find designs for kids and adults.

There’s even an  Etsy app for sellers that runs on your phone. It works on both Apple and Android phones. This is not the same app customers use to shop. It’s a seller only app. So if you need to run your business on the go, this is a big plus.

Anyway, there’s lots more good information on how to make money with Etsy in the video. 

Here’s another one of his videos that will help you get traffic to your store or affiliate links and convert them to customers. https://sidehustlesystems.com/getting-traffic-but-no-sales-do-this-now/

And if you like what Marcus says (I’m sure you will) you can subscribe to his YouTube channel for more great advice. 

Here’s the link: https://www.affiliatemarketingdude.com/subscribe/

You can also get the notes from this video at https://www.downloadmynotes.com. How many other YouTube channels do that for you? Plus the advice he gives you for FREE is better than many courses you have to pay for. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

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