Are your safelist emails getting out of control?

Getting too many emails from safelists?

**Here’s a neat concept**

Upgraded members ONLY get emails from
OTHER upgraded members at THIS safelist.

So you can keep that inbox nice and tidy.

Emoji pointing out the obvious


**Big Hint**

This costs money. A whopping $17 a month.

Guess what?

That’s lots cheaper than the doctor will
charge to fix your carpal tunnel syndrome.

Click, Click, Click.


You’re gonna get a mind boggling 50,000
credits EVERY MONTH you’re a member.

Need even more credits? How about an
eye popping 500 credits for reading. . .

Wait for it. . .

One measly SOLO ad.

And you get to mail SEVEN DAYS A WEEK
to every freakin’ list member.

Now, go bust open your piggy bank and
click on the link.

Find out more here.

Talk to you soon,
Craig Caire

I took my own advice and joined this
safelist a while back. It gets me leads
every week.