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Using Marketing To Sell Affiliate Products

Ready to start making money with email marketing? One of the first (and most important) things you need is a list of email subscribers. Without it you’ll have a tough time finding people to buy the products you’re promoting.

In this article, we’ll discuss building a list for email marketing and how to use it to sell affiliate products. We’ll also discuss two of the best autoresponder companies so you can get started right away.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a way to find people who are interested in what you’re selling, and build trust by sharing useful information with them. Only then should you offer to sell or promote your products.

Think about it like this.

You have a friend who is a painter. He finds out you’re going to paint your living room. Knowing you’ve never done this before, he offers some practical and helpful advice. After listening to him you realize painting the living room isn’t something you want to do.  So you decide to hire him and he does a great job.

You’re both happy.

Compare that to someone you’ve never met before who knocks on your door. They offer to paint your living room and are willing to do it for a great price. Would you take a chance on them, or would you prefer your friend to do the painting?

We both know the answer, don’t we?

That’ why it’s so important to build trust before trying to sell something to the people on your email list. In fact, lots of businesses use email marketing to keep in touch with their customers and leads. They send useful information along with coupons, discounts and special offers.

How To Build A List For Email Marketing

Before you can begin using email marketing to , you need to build a list of contacts who are interested in what you have to offer.

Here are a few ways that you can get started: 

  • Leverage social media platforms – Use your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter to promote your email list and encourage followers to join it. 
  • Utilize signup forms on your website – Make sure that your website has a clear call-to-action (CTA) button or form so people can easily sign up for your newsletter or other offers. 
  • Offer something valuable in exchange for signing up such as exclusive content or discounts on products/services. This will help motivate people to join your list. 
  • Run contests and giveaways – People love free stuff! Run contests on social media or give away products/services as incentives for signing up with their emails.  


To built your list, you need a reliable and affordable autoresponder service. I have several autoresponder accounts and Get Response is my favorite. They’re reliable and all their plans are affordable. You can even get started with a free account until your list is big enough to need a paid account.

Plus you get some really useful tools even with the free account. 

  • Need an opt in form to build your list? How about one for feedback, or a download? You’re covered. Use one of their pre-made forms and change the text to suit your needs.
  • You also get a landing page builder, exit pop-up builder, a scrolling form, and more.
  • Want to publish your own newsletter? GetResponse gives you everything you need.
  • There’s also a website builder included with pre-built templates and blank templates.

There’s more tools but to use some of them you need a paid account. I like the way GetResponse does that. You use the free account until your business gets big enough to need the paid plan.

The Benefits of Using An Autoresponder

And the autoresponder is easy to use too. Think “fill in the blanks” easy. Once you know what you’re going to say, add your subject line for the email and the list you want to use. Then choose between sending your message now or schedule it for later. That’s it.

If you want to have more than one email list you’ll need the paid plan though. So you probably don’t need that in the beginning.

Autoresponders are a great time saver too. If your list has several hundred names, you only have to write one email and send it to everyone. That’s a lot quicker than sending individual emails like you had to do in the early days of the internet.

If you’re selling affiliate products, or anything else for that matter, you can separate those that bought from those who haven’t. You can continue to mail your original offer to non-buyers and a different offer to those that bought the original offer.

How Can Email Marketing Be Used To Make Money?

One of the most popular ways to make money using email marketing is through affiliate products. As an affiliate marketer, you will be promoting other people’s products and services in exchange for a commission or referral fee if someone makes a purchase from your link.

Which means that you can generate some passive income simply by sending out emails! Another popular approach is selling digital products such as eBooks or courses which can also be promoted via emails.

Many businesses also use it for lead generation purposes; collecting contact information from potential customers who would be interested in your products or services so that you can follow up with them later on with more targeted offers.

Additionally, you can use it for retargeting existing customers by offering discounts on additional purchases they may be interested in making after their initial purchase from your business. 

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