How To Write A Blog Post Fast – Even If You Hate Writing

If you have a blog you know how hard it is to create good content. Especially if you need an article right away. I found a way to write a blog post fast, instead of spending hours or days writing it.

It’ an service called Yes, it will cost a few dollars, but the quality is good and the turn around time is up to you. It’s possible to get an article written in as little as six hours but the default setting is two days.

Take a look at the article below. I had the job posted with my requirements in just a few minutes. And I paid a few dollars extra to temp a good writer to take my project. Even though I selected two day turn around I got my article back in only one day. Total cost? Twelve dollars.

You do have to give the writer some guidelines though. Like your target audience, what result you want – sale, email sign up, etc., and what keywords to use.

The better your instructions the better your results will be. Really, that’s no different than what you would have to do if you wrote it yourself.

I did go through and change a few sentences here and there. Plus I added the links and banners. All told, about twenty minutes work. See what you think. If you like it, give a shot.

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How To Clean Up Your Credit Report And Get The Things You Deserve

At some point in your life, you may find yourself struggling with a bad credit rating. Not because you were careless or wasteful, but because of an unexpected expense that you couldn’t meet without borrowing.

Typically, these might be medical expenses, legal expenses or even student loans.  Or maybe you had to declare because of economic conditions.

None of these things are necessarily your fault, but they can have a devastating effect on your life.

Why Does A Bad Credit Report Matter?

It might mean that you have to pay a much higher interest rate for any loan that you take out – if you’re even able to get a loan. Or have to pay a sky-high deposit when you try to rent an apartment or house.

It can prevent you from buying that dream car, taking that special vacation, or having that destination wedding.

Did you know it can affect your job prospects in certain industries where you might be handling money? A bad credit score can be used as a reason to deny you a job or promotion if you’re responsible for handling a large sum of money.

Bad credit can cost you three tie the interest rate on purchases. click here to find out how to improve your credit report.

But Won’t Those Bad Credit Reports Go Away?

In time, they will. But even a simple credit inquiry stays on your report for two years. Late payments hang around for seven years, and bankruptcies for up to ten years!

Plus, errors can be there even if you don’t know it. Yes, that’s a long time, and that can really mess up your financial life.

What Can I Do?

Well, first of all, don’t despair. There are some great Credit Repair Agencies out there. They can help you sort out this financial mess, and correct your current position so that you can move forward. And soon you’ll leave those credit nightmares behind.

How Will A Credit Repair Agency Help me?

These agencies will do a deep dive into your financial affairs. The first thing that they will do is to correct any errors. They will remove negative items from your credit report wherever possible.

You did in fact make that payment on time? That incorrect report will disappear. Your identity was stolen and someone used your credit cards? Those issues will be wiped off of your records.

They can even negotiate with creditors to get damaging information removed from your credit record. Mistakes and incorrect information will be updated, and you can get a good look at your actual situation.

Need A Credit Card?

Credit repair agencies can also help you get a secured credit card. This way you can have the flexibility of credit again, and build up a good credit record.

Many of these cards will convert into a traditional credit card once you make a certain number of payments on time. Most will even return your deposit too.

So, Is This Expensive?

These agencies do charge for their services, of course, but the savings that you will make on interest rates and other penalties, and the opportunities that will be available to you, make it really worthwhile.

– An Important First Step To Rebuilding Your Credit

Instead of getting depressed about your financial situation, grab the bull by the horns and deal with it. Credit Repair Agencies are your best friends when it comes to straightening out your financial position.

They can get you back on the straight and narrow fast, they won’t judge, and they will give you not only a way back to good credit, but plenty of financial advice along the way.

Get your FREE credit  repair consultation today!

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Let’s Wrap Things Up

Well, there you have it. And even though I gave two days time for the article to be written, it was waiting for my approval in only one day. For all of twelve bucks.

To be completely honest, I could have gone with a less experienced writer and saved a few dollars. So if your article writing needs are very basic, and you want a shorter article, you could get one written for around five bucks.

Fair warning: be prepared to do a little more editing with less experienced writers.

They also gave me an unexpected bonus. I decided to add twenty dollars to to my account to get a few articles written. And added five dollars to my total.

True, it’s not life changing, but it is unusual for a company to do that. And I appreciated them valuing my business. If you’re interested, you can click the link below.

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