How to write blog posts that rank


Yellow emoji - It is obvious. Describing my blog posts.

This is embarrassing. . .

The first blog posts I ever wrote
sucked big time.

Yep. They sure did.

And you know what’s even worse?
I thought they were pretty good.

You know why they sucked?


I thought all you had to do was
put a few hundred words in a post
and add an affiliate link.

digital marketing diagram explaining important blog posts facts.

Heck, I hadn’t even heard of
SEO, keywords or any of that
kinda stuff.

I still don’t know as much as I
need to. And don’t have the time
to learn it.

Guess what?

Someone finally came out with a
way around all that. 

It helps you find keywords, gives suggestions for articles, subject lines and lots more. I bought it and use it for blog posts, emails and opt-in pages. And this method sends you f.r.e.e. traffic too.

Let’s be clear here.

This won’t write a blog post from start to finish. It will help you get about 80% of the post written. You’ll have to “tweak” the results to fit your offer and add affiliate links.

That kind of thing.

Some people use it without any tweaks. And that’s OK too. I just like putting some of my
“personality into what I write. And this solution is dirt cheap too.

So if learning how to find the best keywords and subject lines or having
entire articles written for you is what you want. . .

Click the link

Talk soon,
Craig Caire