How to Write Persuasive Copy for Your Landing Page

Writing persuasive copy for a landing page is one of the most important skills you can develop as a digital marketer whether you’re planning on selling a digital information product, or you’re working as an affiliate.

Essentially, the copy on this page is intended to demonstrate why the product you’re selling is high value and what it is about it that should make your potential buyers excited.

You want to take them from never having heard of your product before to becoming paying customers (called converting). It’ probably the single biggest factor that will influence your number of sales and therefore your revenue and turnover.

So how do you write copy that converts?

The Journey

The idea that you take someone from never have heard of your product to wanting to buy it is actually a key part of most . There is a structure that a lot of such text follows called AIDA.

This stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action. The sequence acknowledges that people don’t know anything about the product at first and eventually end up happy to spend good money on it.

But the question is how you take them through these steps. The first challenge is going to be getting them to actually sit up and take notice of your copy getting them to read it at all.

After all, most people on the web are there because they’re doing something important. Most of us are in a rush, have work to do and categorically do not want to spend lots of time reading sales pitches that just want out cash.

As a writer, your job here is to change their mind and get them to want to keep reading.

One way to do this is to use a narrative structure. In other words, tell a story about your product and about you that will encourage them to keep reading.

This works well because we are naturally inclined to want to read stories and we find it very hard to end a story early. Stories are highly relatable and always interesting.

The Value Proposition

Also key, is to focus on your value proposition. A value proposition is basically the key selling point of your product and beyond that, it is what your product does for someone and how it changes their lives.

Does your product help people by making them richer? Does it improve their physical shape so that they’re stronger, healthier and happier? Focus on the dream that will sell your product in your pitch.

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