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smiling woman on laptop writing blog posts.

How to write blog posts that rank

  This is embarrassing. . . The first blog posts I ever wrote sucked big time. Yep. They sure did. And you know what’s even worse? I thought they were pretty good. You know why they sucked?   I thought all you had to do was put a few hundred words in a post and…

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Man asking Hey Superstar! Want more sales?

Make money online, no website needed, easy to use free program

Think you need a website to make money online? Think again, because this ONE program eliminates the need for a domain name, autoresponder, web host and link tracker. You also get a pop-up builder and 5 ways to make money with this. And that’s as a free member. Upgrade to paid & get autoresponders with…

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frustrated person reading email on laptop

Are your safelist emails getting out of control?

Getting too many emails from safelists? **Here’s a neat concept** Upgraded members ONLY get emails from OTHER upgraded members at THIS safelist. So you can keep that inbox nice and tidy.   **Big Hint** This costs money. A whopping $17 a month. Guess what? That’s lots cheaper than the doctor will charge to fix your…

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get paid to copy and paste

Get paid to copy and paste

Did you know you can get paid to copy and paste? Neither did I. And then I found this. You get paid for sending emails to a certain group of people. And when those people open the email they are added to your list! Yep! It builds a list for you too. Mine is over…

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two hands holding one hundred dollar bills

Ten bucks one time and 50% commissions?

Ten bucks one time and 50% commissions? Hard to believe, right? That’s what I thought too. Until I took a closer look. Are you still looking for a way to make money online? Have you joined a lot of programs that made big promises? Somehow though, they never seemed to give you what you really…

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I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This. . .

And it’s all because I’m not even two years old yet. I know, hard to believe but it’s true. By the way, my name’s LINK. It all started when a friend of mine wanted to post something about me on Faceb**k. But they wouldn’t let him because they say that I’m not old enough to…

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free traffic to your website, blog or affiliate offer.

Want Free Traffic to Your Website or Offer? Check This Out!

Have You Heard About LeadsLeap? It’s a free online marketing system designed to help you make money. And, this easy to use system comes with an autoresponder for building an email list, a landing page builder, several ways to get free traffic, and more.  A few of the advanced tools do require a paid membership…

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Email Marketing Plus FREE Tools = Money For You

Using Email Marketing To Sell Affiliate Products Ready to start making money with email marketing? One of the first (and most important) things you need is a list of email subscribers. Without it you’ll have a tough time finding people to buy the products you’re promoting. In this article, we’ll discuss building a list for…

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Is This The Largest Collection Of Woodworking Plans On The Internet?

Is This The Largest Collection of Woodworking Plans on the Internet? If you’re a woodworker looking to make some extra money, you know how important it is to have good plans. But sometimes it can be tough to find them. These woodworking plans were selected by a certified master woodworker with 25 years of experience.…

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