Who ARE these people and why are they sending me email?

Who ARE these people and why are they sending me emails?

That’s what asked myself when I opened my
Gmail account.

1,526 emails?

Sure, I want to be popular, but this is
crazy. How do I find the ones I want to
read in the middle of this mess???

Sound familiar?

If you use safelists to send traffic to
your offers I bet you deal with this too.

That’s why I decided to give
a chance.

As an upgraded member I only get mail from
other upgraded members.

PLUS a 25,000 credit sign up bonus AND
25,000 credits every month.

And the upgrades start at only $7 a month.

Want more? Spend $17 a month and get twice
as many credits.

Pretty sweet, right?

Go here and check it out for yourself.

And get the clutter out of your inbox.

In another post I’ll tell you how to
get your message in front of over three
hundred sites and get ZERO emails from them.

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